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Professional Website Maintenance

WordPress is one of the most popular online website design platforms in the world, therefor it is prone to attack from hackers, malware & viruses. If you do not regularly update and back up your WordPress website then the inevitable WILL happen.

Luckily for you we are WordPress experts here at Fife Website Design and we are all too aware of how quickly, and easily you can lose one of your most important business assets, your website, if you’re not prepared for it.

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Website Security

Website security is paramount here at Fife Website Design and we do everything we can to ensure your website will not be brought down by those pesky hackers.

As we’ve mentioned before on this page WordPress is notorious for being quite easy to hack. Fortunately for you and your business we are always one step ahead of these cyber vandals to minimise the possibility of your website being hijacked.

Protect An Important Business Asset for Only £35 Per Month

Website Optimisation

Just like your car or laptop, if you just keep using your website and don’t do some spring cleaning now and again things will start to go wrong with it.

Part of our care plans are to clean up your websites database and ensure everything is as it should be. This can also help with your websites load speed and increase your search engine rankings.

Broken Link Checker

Our link checking service will scan your website and report any broken links. Broken links can occur for a variety of reasons, mainly just old websites that no longer exist. Google will penalise your website if it finds any broken links on it which can effect your website’ ranking in the search results.

If we find any broken links on your website we will simply renew them or replace them with new links that work. The next time Google scan your website they will be happy and reward you with a boost up the search results.

Page Load Speed

Another major factor of your websites performance is the speed that it loads online. We test your website and find issues that cause it to load slowly then get to work speeding things up.

You can test how quickly your website loads with this handy Google Website Speed Checker – a good rule of thumb is to aim for under 2-3 seconds load time.

Protect An Important Business Asset for Only £35 Per Month

Reputation Management

Performance Monitoring

Your website needs to be available to your customers 24/7, there’s nothing worse  than visiting a website and it’s ‘Not Available’.

With our performance monitoring we closely monitor your websites performance every second of every day and notify you if there is any problems with it being delivered to your customers as it should be.

Daily Back Ups

We store a daily backup of your WordPress website in the case of the event that it is compromised and infected by a virus or hacker.

This will give you total peace of mind ensure there will be minimum disruption to your business if the worst does happen.

SSL Cerificate

Not only does an SSL Certificate on your website evoke trust with your website visitors it can also give you a boost up the search engine rankings. Google has recently stated that it is now a ‘requirement’ for your website to protect it’s visitors by encrypting the information collected & stored by it.

As you can see from the address bar on this website (top left) it is secured with the HTTPS showing that it has a secure connection. Many online customers these days are very savvy about this vital web browsing feature and they will be doubtful about staying on your website let alone entering their personal details or even purchasing some goods from your website if it is not secure.

Protect An Important Business Asset for Only £35 Per Month


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When I was starting my own business, trying to building a website was really stressing me out. I decided to hire Fife Website Design & I was online in 2 days.
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