Top 7 Features For Business Websites 2019

tumbleweedSo you’ve spent a couple of grand of your hard-earned cash on a shiny new website. You’re noticing some traffic from your social media marketing and perhaps even spending some money on traffic but still, tumbleweeds!

So what do you do? In this post, I’m going to give you the top 7 features every business website should have, regardless of size, budget, social standing, colour, creed, religion. (ok, so I got a bit carried away there!)

These 7 features are relatively simple to implement but some of them may require some work so put your big kid pants on and let’s get to it! 😁

Feature #1

Above The Fold Contact Form

Kenspeckle Marketing

And by ‘Above the fold‘ I mean, if you think of a newspaper. It’s the first thing your website visitors will see. As per this example on Kenspeckle Marketing there is a clear contact form that grabs your attention as soon as you arrive on their website.

TOP TIP: Get rid of the tedious old slide show on your website and replace it with valuable information and a quick contact form.


Feature #2

Real Testimonials/Social Proof

Testimonials and social proof are a necessity these days. I believe Amazon and similar sites prove this point as I personally would never purchase anything on these site with a 1-star review. Regrettably the same goes for your business too. There’s just too much competition these days to not have glowing reviews on your website, it’s one of the first things your customers look for while scanning your website.


Feature #3

Examples Of Recent Work

Another feature your customers will scrutinise on your website for is before and after images of your work and/or proof of recent projects you have accomplished. It is, therefore, good practice to ask current and recent customers if it’s ok for you to publish information about their projects on your website in the form of a case study or simply adding images to an image gallery on your website.

This goes a long way to evoke trust and prove to possible customers that A) Your business is current and active and B) You know what you are doing.


Feature #4

In-Depth FAQ’s

Excellent FAQ’s not only show that you’re an expert in your field but they also cut down on customer enquiries. I would suggest having some FAQ’s on each page of your website where possible.

Google Suggest

You can use all of your customers previously asked questions to compile some brilliant FAQ’s. You can also use good ol’ Google. Just start typing in some common questions your business is asked and Google will do the rest, genius!


Feature #5


Video is everywhere on the Internet these days because it’s easy to produce and even easier to consume. Think about creating videos for your products and services, a welcome video, about us , etc. You could even take things a step further by creating a viral video such as the one below. This was created to promote Dollar Shave Club which is not a multi Million dollar company.


Feature #6


Email marketing is one of the oldest yet cheapest and best forms of Internet marketing to date, and with good reason. It works! You should be offering all of your website visitors some form of ‘gift’ before they leave your website for good. This way you can continue to market to them and bring them back to your website.

All you need to do is create a free download for them in exchange for their email address. This could be in the form of a checklist, guide, insider secrets, tools you use, etc. It doesn’t have to be ‘War & Peace‘ just offer something of value in exchange for their email address.


Feature #7


Writing and maintaining a blog for your business is one of the easiest and best of all free features you can have on your website. This is my blog! All you have to do is write about important and prominent factors of your business/industry then publish it. It’s not that difficult yet many businesses fail to utilise this highly beneficial feature.

If your struggling to find something to blog about see Feature #4!


Bonus Feature

Clear & Concise Branding

A good strong, recognisable brand is of the utmost importance in todays ultra-busy world both online and off. Whether you choose to have subtle or in-your-face branding ,whatever it is you have to get it right. Good professional branding is a highly effective piece of you marketing puzzle.



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