Top 7 Design Trends For 2019

Top 7 Design Trends of 2019

The Top 7 Design Trends Of 2019

Design trends are what’s ‘happening and funky right now’ in the graphic design space. In this article, we are going to have a peruse over the top 7 design trends of this year, 2019.  This list was curated from the video below by Philip Van Dussen a seasoned vet in the graphic design space who’s had the satisfaction of working with such household names as Coca-Cola, Sony & Dorito’s to name but a few.


Design Can Be Daunting

Getting your business brand right can be a very daunting task and many companies fail at this.  A few very large companies nearly went out of business recently because of their poor rebranding attempts.  Netflix and Gap to name a couple. The 7 examples or trends below will stand you in good stead if you are looking to re-brand your company.


top 7 graphic design trends of 2019
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Trend #1 – The Darkness

The Darkness is a design trend that’s being embraced by large companies such as Apple with deep rich black tones and black on black. This style evokes luxury and premium. As you can see by my attempt at The Darkness graphic design style it can encompass depth, luxury, style and mystery!


top 7 design trends 2019

Trend #2 – That’s so metal

That’s So Metal Design Trend is an interesting one as it involves golds and silvers. Metallic, shiny fonts are often utilised to communicate wealth or stature but they can also come across as cheap or trashy so be careful when you use this graphic design trend.


top 7 design trends 2019-2

Trend #3 – Inked

Possibly one of my favourite trends here.  The Inked trend is versatile, energetic and very ‘now’ – it offers vibrancy and a sense of ‘cool’ to somewhat static layouts. As you can see from my example below, the ‘inked’ font adds a sense of fun or even childishness.


top 7 design trends 2019-3

Trend #4 – Neo Geo

Neo Geo started off as an art movement in 1986.  It plays heavily on bright colours and geometric shapes, hence the name Neo (neon) Geo (geometric).  As you can see from my Neo Geo example below it is a very interesting and eye catching design.


top 7 design trends 2019

Trend #5 – Moto Logo

Coming in at number five we have Moto Logo which is basically animated logo’s.  This is possibly the most up-to-date trend there is and it can be slightly more technical than the rest of the examples here.  Some may even argue that this is NOT graphic design and it’s animation instead.  Anyway, I love it and think it’s going to be huge this year! Marketing is all about getting attention and I think there’s nothing better than ‘subtle’ animated logo’s.



Trend #6 – Mary Jane

This design trend is somewhat controversial but it can not be ignored. With the rise of the legalisation of cannabis, especially in the US, there has been a significant increase in the demand for ‘weed’ based graphic design elements such as packaging and logo design.


Trend #7 – Warp Speed

Last but not least is the design style Warp Speed. I love this style as is provides a sense of movement, it’s very eye-catching and encourages the viewer to think a bit more about what they are seeing.  Here’s my take on this fantastic design style.


top 7 design trends 2019-4


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If you’ve been debating whether or not to ‘rebrand’ your business then these pointers here should get your creative juices flowing. Why not go ahead and book a FREE consultation with us today to bounce some ideas off of us and see what we can do for you?

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