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We are pulling back the curtain on our business. Below are some tools of the trade that we use every day to produce and promote our small business websites. Please feel free to check them all out for yourself. Most of them we use to save time and since time is money some of them can be invaluable. Also feel free to share this page with your friends & business associates, they’ll thank you for it!

Website Development

To create a basic website or blog and publish it online for the world to see you need just three elements. A domain name, hosting & software to build it on. Below we have listed the three main services we use every day to get all of our websites online.


Owning a domain name is essential to have a website online. Namecheap is one of many domain providers out there and we've been using them for years. Find your perfect domain today.

TSO Host

Good solid hosting is essential to your website &/or business. We've tried and tested a lot of different platforms over the years but TSO Host's cloud hosting platform is the best yet.


In case you didn't already know WordPress is a FREE open source software that powers around a third of the worlds websites. It is a Goliath in the online space and is only going to get bigger.
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Graphic Design

Now that we have a website up and running we need to add some stylish graphics and design elements. Graphic design is an art form but with some of the great tools available online today even a novice can crank out some decent looking images and elements for websites, social media and even print.


Canva is an amazingly simple online graphic design platform that gives you everything you need to create some stunning graphics for web and print.

Adobe Illustrator

More advanced than Canva, Adobe Illustrator is a fantastic tool for cranking out vector graphics such as logo's, icons and print materials. Check it out today with a free trial.


Photoshop is possibly the oldest yet most used tool I have in my tool kit. It's a brilliant piece of software that allows for quick and easy photo editing and retouching.

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