Stop Offering Newsletters

This is possibly going to be my shortest blog post EVER, but it will be one of my most powerful tips EVER too!

Just as people are becoming blind to advertising, they are becoming blind to newsletters.  Be honest, if you have a ‘Sign Up For Our Newsletter‘ call to action on your website, how many real leads have actually signed up to it in the past year?  Not many I’m guessing.

So What Should I Be Doing?

The best thing to do in this day and age is to provide more readily available, HELPFUL content with custom designed lead magnets on that, and for that page/content.

For Example

If you create a blog post about ‘The 5 Top Ways To Cut Manufacturing Costs In 2019’ then you should offer, at the bottom of that page, (or in the middle or top, whatever) a lead magnet specific to that subject matter.  So for example, at the bottom of your amazingly valuable article ‘The 5 Top Ways To Cut Manufacturing Costs In 2019′, there should be a call to action like ‘If You’re Serious About Cutting Manufacturing Costs Download Our Comprehensive Checklist Now’

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CTA Templates

  • If you’re serious about [Result] check out our [Content Type]
  • Check out our [Content Type] designed just for [Audience]
  • Download our [Content Type] for [Audience] to show you [Result]
  • Tired of [Problem]? Access our [Audience][Content Type]


Content types to use:

  • PDF guide
  • Checklist
  • Cheat sheet
  • Worksheet
  • Secrets exposé



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