How To Spy On Your Competition

In this post I want to share with you guys a pretty neat trick I learned from a guy called Dino Gomez – Dino is a Facebook ads ‘Guru’ (I dislike that word) who has a shed-load of FB ads tricks & techniques but this one is particularly powerful, and a wee bit sneaky!

This has come about as a result of the whole Facebook privacy scandal where Facebook was hacked and lost 50 million peoples personal data. Since then, Facebook, bless them, have been trying to claw back some public assurance with transparency on how their business is operated.

This is great news for us business owners and marketers alike as it can give us more insights into how their ad platform works and more importantly what our competitors are doing with it!

Spy On Your Competition

I don’t mean hiding in the bushes outside their office or raking through the paper recycling bin, that’s illegal. This is slightly more above the law as it is now public knowledge, thanks to FB’s new ‘transparency’ ethics. It’s really simple & to be honest with you I probably would have never noticed it or realised the full power of this technique if it wasn’t for my new found friend Dino.

The How

Okay so lets cut to the chase. How can you spy on your competition on Facebook? It’s actually really simple. All you have to do is navigate to your competitors business page on FB & have a look down the left column.

Here’s mine, cos I know you’re gonna check it out anyway! 😉

As you can see I’m currently running two Halloween special offers, which has generated 5 leads to my business this week from all over the country! More on that later.

So go ahead and check out your competition on the Facebooks and see what you can find.

The Why

So now you know how to spy on your competitors you’re possibly thinking ‘Ok so why is this of use to me Robbie?’ Well, I think it’s really powerful being able to see what your competition is doing online to get new customers, or WHAT THEY ARE NOT DOING!

A quick check on my local competition has revealed that NONE of them are currently running Facebook Ads! Great news for me. ✔

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