How To Get More 5 Star Reviews

How To Get More 5 Star Reviews

In this article, I am going to give you some tips on how to get Five Star reviews from new and existing customers.  Reviews are proven to drive more sales so the more the merrier, especially those big fat 5 Star ones!

Below, we have 3 simple tips to get you reviewed like a Super Hero, we’ll also be including a 4 step email blueprint that you can send out to your existing clients urging them to praise your business in public so watch out for that.

Why Don’t People Review My Business Already?

Well, the chances are people do leave reviews of your business but they might not all be good. Chances are you get some bad reviews from your competitors pretending to be your customers, I see this a lot. More on that later.  The problem may be as simple as you don’t ask at the right time, or you may just be going about it all wrong. Good news is, we’re going to fix that. Today!

People Are Busy And Don’t Have Time To Leave A Review

I’ll just say that’s bullshit right away.  As I mentioned above, low-life competitors have the time to leave false, scathing reviews all the time so your customers, if you’ve provided them with a good experience, will find the time to write a few words about your company and how amazing it is.

3 Quick And Easy Tips To Get More 5 Star Reviews

  1. Provide a stellar service
  2. DON’T ask for a review
  3. Keep providing value

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Number One – Provide A Stellar Service

  • This one’s a given but there is ALWAYS room for improvement.  Analise your sales, onboarding & offboarding processes for any areas you’re lacking/ cutting corners. (we all do it)
  • Check existing reviews (and competitors) for any nuggets of information, anything at all that you can improve on to increase your customer’s satisfaction.
  • Go the extra mile and show that you CARE about their business. For example, if there’s a news story related to their industry that you come across, share it with them in an email. Just to let them know they’re top of mind.

Number Two – Stop Asking For Reviews

Asking for something like a 5 Star Review leaves you with a shitty taste in your mouth if you know what I mean.  Below is an email sequence that you can send to your customers today that won’t make you look like an ass kisser! You can set this email sequence up in your autoresponder if you have one or you can just send it out manually. It’s up to you, just do it!!

Below is a 4 step email blueprint that you can use to send out to your customers every couple of days after they’ve done business with your company that is GUARANTEED to get you some good reviews AND some referrals. All you have to do is like or share it.


Email #1 – Why Us?

Email #2 – Testimonial

Email #3 – Anti-Referral

Email #4 – Lunch?


Number 3 – Keep Providing Value

Similar to number part of number one here, you want to keep providing value way past the transaction is done. This may seem like free work but it’s not. It’s positioning you as a caring company that looks after their customers even after money has changed hands. Here are some easy ways to automate this so you’re not spending a ton of time nurturing clients long after they’ve purchased your products. You can also make some extra money from these ideas too!

  • Set up an email autoresponder sequence providing value (with a ‘very occasional’ offer)
  • Send a box of cupcakes on the directors birthday
  • Use Moonpig or another automated card service to send holiday greetings cards
  • Use Google Alerts to notify you of news in their industry and forward it to them

So there we have it, 3 simple steps you can take to ensure you get more 5 star reviews in your business.

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