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Your Google My Business listing is possibly the quickest, easiest and most stable way to rank on the first page of Google. Although many people already know this very few actually get round to doing it, which is great news for you, the Go-Getter! Right?

Google My Business Ranking

The problem is most people read articles like this expecting there to be a magic button they can just press and all the heavy lifting will be done for them, well that is kinda true here. More on that later.

What Is Google My Business?

Google My Business, formerly Google Maps, is a FREE business listing on… you’ve guessed it, Google. Every business out there, large or small, should be taking full advantage of their free listing. If you’ve not already claimed your FREE listing I strongly suggest you do so NOW!

Click Here to get started. Once you’ve logged in you will need to fill out your business information as fully and as accurately as possible.

Top Tip: Take out a notepad on your computer and Save all your N.A.P information for later. N.A.P means Name, Address & Phone Number, but its’s also ALL other information regarding your business.

Upon filling out all of your business information on your amazing new Google My business listing you will be asked if you want Gooogle to Call you or send you a Postcard to verify your listing. I would suggest having them call you as it’s much quicker. The postcard method can take about four days.

Now that your new listing on Google has been verified, it’s time to work our magic. Fill out all possible fields with as much information as possible. We want to really jam as much info in here as possible. Putting ‘We are a painter and decorator, no job too small’ just won’t cut it if you want to rank well so take some time to really fill this out properly. Remember to add some local keywords including your hometown, but not too much as this may get your listing flagged.

There are lots of useful sections in your Google My Business listing but possibly the most important section is the Info tab (highlighted above). This is where you will input all of your aforementioned business information to the best of your ability. I’m not going to show you each individual part in this article as it is pretty straightforward and if you follow my guidelines above you should be fine.

Adding Images & Video

Another tremendously useful and important section of your Google My Business listing is the Images tab. This really has come a long way in recent years as before you were only allowed about 5 images that had to be a certain size and so on. A real pain in the arse! Now you can have internal images, external images & even a tour video if you like.

TOP TIP: Rename your image and video files with your keywords and location. For example: landscape-gardener-dunfermline-fife.jpeg before you upload them to your Google My Business Page.

Building Links To Your G.M.B Listing

Now that we’ve optimised our listing with our business information and images it’s time to build some external links to give us a boost up the rankings. To do this for free we can submit our business N.A.P information from earlier to as many business directories as we can find.

Luckily for you, we have already compiled a list of our Top 30 Business Directories to list your business. You can download it for FREE below.

This is the ‘Magic Button‘ I mentioned earlier!

100 UK Business Directory listings done for you!

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