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So, Facebook Ads. If you’ve not tried them for your business yet or perhaps you’ve never even heard of them then you’ve come to the right place.

At this moment in time, Facebook has 2.5 BILLION active MONTHLY users, TWO POINT FIVE BILLION, per month. That’s insane! So if you are not tapping into this huge advertising opportunity for your business then that’ even more insane if you ask me!

Aside from the massive amount of people on the platform daily another major benefit of running Facebook ads for your business is that it is still relatively cheap compared to other, traditional forms of advertising, newspapers, radio etc.

Facebook Ad Hack #1 – The FREEBIE METHOD

The Freebie Method is just how it sounds. You simply take your normal offer and add something for “Free” to it.

This is used a lot in eCommerce when you see a store offer a product plus “free shipping”.
This offer works extremely well when coupled with ads because the words “Free” always will get your audience’ attention.
Who doesn’t love something for Free?

In a local market using the Freebie, the method turns a boring offer into something exciting.
Example old offer: 25% off dog food at ABC DOGS.
Response: (eh boring)
Example Freebie offer: 1 Free Dog Toy When You Buy 2 Bags of Dog Food
Response (Butch would love a new toy, plus he’s almost out of food, I’m in)

The NEIGHBORHOOD METHOD works in a local market because it is hyper-specific which increases the relevance of the ads to that market. Beyond that, it justifies taking action on a discount.

Example, “ABC Painting Co is going to be in the neighbourhood of Dunfermline next week to service a few clients and we have availability to beautify one more lucky resident’s home just before the holiday season.
Is your living room ready to host family and friends this Christmas? (ad copy continues….)

Few things at play here that make this work. 

  • First, if you live in Dunfermline the simple mention of where you live makes this ad relevant to you, so you’ll engage with the ad.
  • Second, even if having your living room re-painted wasn’t a desire or need, it is once you consider family and friends will be over soon for the holidays.
  • Third, since ABC Painting co is going to be at my neighbours…. Then I can’t be the only one on the block without an updated living room. (ego)
  • Fourth, if my neighbours booked ABC Painting co, then they must be good and so I trust their quality of work as well.

The NAME GRABBER is powerful and it’s easy as marketers to see examples of this everywhere.
We call webinars a “master class” instead of what they are, a “webinar”.

The concept is simple. Ad blindness prevents audiences from responding to something after it has been played out a thousand times.

We’re not excited by the “Free Group Fitness Pass to the gym” because we know we can always get a free pass at any gym.
Insert the name grabber.
“FREE Bums Tums N Thighs Class Pass, limited to 25 people.”
^^This offer is now exciting, benefit-driven (My butt is gonna look sharp), and specific primarily to women.

When you match a specific offer to a specific audience, congruence goes up in your ad messaging, CTR increases, and so does lead volume. (whilst lowering CPL)

We’ve seen 100’s of campaigns where just using the NAME GRABBER technique turns a losing campaign into a wildly successful one.

This technique works wonders when you understand WHAT your target audiences true desires.

How does it work?

Glad ya asked.

You simply insert or highlight a social gathering of sorts into your offer.

Sure, not many people are interested at any given time in joining a Yoga studio.

But, ask yourself, “Why else would somebody join a Yoga studio beside the direct health benefits?”
They would join because of the community, friendships, or the dating scene it has to offer.
Boring Yoga offer: “Free Yoga Class”

Response: “Meh, Stranger Things is on Netflix tonight and I can get a free pass anytime to any studio.”
Creative Social Selling Offer: “Free Sunset Yoga Class + Happy Hour”

Response: “Yes, I’ll down some vino & enjoy a sunset tonight. I’m telling my coworkers about this.”

What happens next?

People show up, enjoy some wine, make new friends, and decide to join the studio not because they like stretching, but because they like the people they met that go here.

Substituting out a happy hour with a restaurant meet up also works.


Because… people like people and it’s difficult for parents to meet other parents with young children, or singles to meet other singles, or couples to make new friends in the community otherwise.

What do the following audiences all have in common?

-Upcoming Birthdays
-Upcoming anniversaries
-Recently Engaged
-Parents with Children

Well yes, they are all audiences you can target with Facebook ads….
What these audiences really all have in common is that they can justify shopping.

With a NICHE OFFER, we simply take our current offer and make it specific to these smaller niche audiences.
Again, when you have a specific offer made to a specific audience, the relevancy increases, CTR increases, and results increase… all because the messaging is specific.

Boring Offer: “25% off storewide”
Response: “thanks but no thanks. Maybe if it was 50% off everything I’d click.”

NICHE OFFER: “Upcoming Anniversary? 25% off custom engraved necklaces”

Response: “Oh sh*t, that’s right. I better grab a necklace fast.”

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