7 Simple Tweaks To Increase Website Conversions

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, your website is often the first port of call for potential customers so you must get it right! If you’ve not updated your web design in recent years (3 max) then it’s time for a freshen up.

A lot has changed in the past few years with regards to website design, page load speed, features and additions you can make to engage with your website visitors. Below are seven minor changes you can make to your website to increase your visitor retention and ultimately increase your sales.

7. Clear & Concise Copy

Having well written, straight to the point copy on all of your website’ pages will go a long way to keeping your visitors engaged. You need to guide them through the process of whatever it is you’re trying to do. Try and get inside your visitor’s mind, why did they come to your website in the first place? Do they want a quote? Are they looking for a particular service? Do they just want information about your business to see if you’re a good fit?

6. Multiple Calls To Action

Carrying on from the point above, you need to have multiple CTA’s, calls to action and it will serve you well to diversify the copy and design of these too. People are becoming more and more numb, blind even to advertising and indeed calls to action to test out different colours, fonts, icons, borders, buttons and so on. And have plenty of them. 3 to 4 page is a good rule of thumb.

5. Above The Fold Content

The human brain is a fickle beast. They say it takes just 7 seconds to know if you’re going like someone in your initial contact with them, same goes for website visitors, maybe even less. Your business will be instantly judged by your visitors so you really need to get the above the fold (think of a newspaper) content right. Stay away from bright, garish colours, unless it’s your brand and try not to overload them with information here too. Be subtle.

4. Page Load Speed

People are impatient. If your website doesn’t load in a second or two then you could be losing hundreds of customers per month. You can test your website page load speed over at Pingdom, you’ll also find some other useful insights there. Ideally, you want your website to be loaded in 2 to 3 seconds. Anything above that could be costing you dearly.

3. High-Quality Engaging Images (and Videos)

An image speaks a thousand words as they say. Make sure your images are sharp, aesthetically pleasing and conveying the right message. Hiring a professional photographer is always a good idea as original, well-shot images can’t be beaten but if your budget or business doesn’t permit this then there are plenty of websites these days that you can source some great free stock images. Burst & Pixabay to name a couple.

2. Reduce Your Menu Size

Having a million links on your main menu is never a good idea. A confused mind doesn’t buy remember so if you have a large menu with links to this that and the next thing you might want to consider trimming it down a little. Is there really any need for all that clutter? You can always place some of the less relevant links like your terms & conditions somewhere else on your site like the footer. Carefully choose what you put in your main ‘above the fold’ navigation menu and it will do wonders for your conversions.


Keep It Simple Stupid. Possibly the best advice anyone can give you. Don’t over think things. I guess this kind of reiterates most of the above points. Give your website visitors what they want and don’t try to get married on the first date. It’s time to start throwing out some of the clutter if necessary and don’t be afraid to be ruthless. Make sure there’s plenty of white space on your pages with bold and ‘funky’ fonts (if that’s what you’re in to) delivering your message and you’ll be well on your way to increased conversions.

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